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Apr, 2017

DHSC partners with MI Rush

March 2017

Dearborn Heights SC Membership:

We hope that this note finds you well! The Dearborn Heights Soccer Club is excited to announce a partnership with the Michigan Rush that will begin in June of 2017! As a part of this partnership, the Dearborn Heights Soccer Club will adopt the Michigan Rush name for all of its select and premier teams and their subsequent programming, while continuing to operate as the Dearborn Heights Soccer Club for all of its city-based recreational programming. This partnership will allow the competitive players an additional avenue through which they may advance and progress, with new and exciting potential opportunities; meanwhile, it allows the club to still maintain its roots and identity from a community standpoint-continuing to operate as the Dearborn Heights Soccer Club, just as it has since the program’s commencement in 1974!

This new partnership will unlock tremendous opportunities for DHSC players, families, and coaches alike in many different areas. One of the most exciting areas of opportunity will be through the Michigan Rush ‘Tutor Program,’ which is essentially a program designed around players receiving additional soccer training and games through guesting opportunities to maximize their soccer development and overall experience. Rush players are encouraged to connect with other local Rush branches for additional training; this training can include team training, goalkeeper training, physical development & SAQ training, club technical training, and much more. Beyond the 5 current Rush Soccer branches in Michigan (Northville, Downriver, Lansing, Jackson, and Hamburg), Rush Soccer has over 50 partners within their soccer network across the country and even around the world! Coaches can connect players to additional events, which could be as simple as guesting for another Michigan team’s game on the weekend or as profound as traveling internationally for ‘Rush Select’ events. Rush coaches can connect players to additional events in the interest of international travel, additional soccer experiences, competitive tournament events, college showcase events, and much more!

The National Rush Select Program, which was previously mentioned, is an opportunity reserved for U13-U19 boys and girls; this program, which is designed to serve the top players in all of Rush, gives elite players the opportunity to play in top tournament competitions and even international events as a part of Rush ‘all-star’ teams on a national & international level. The Michigan Rush Select Program is a similar program that encompasses the top players from within the now six Michigan Rush branches and gives them additional opportunity for high-level competition. For example, in the coming 2017-18 soccer year, Michigan Rush has been accepted into the MDL division of US Club Soccer’s NPL. The top U13-U19 boys from within Michigan Rush will be selected for each respective age group’s team and will play additional matches against other teams within the MDL (in addition to their normal team’s league and tournament matches). This is a unique and exciting opportunity that Michigan Rush cannot wait to begin offering its players and membership in the coming year.

There are still plenty of opportunities for players beyond the Rush Select/MI Rush Select side of things as well. One of which is the Rush Festival, or ‘Rush Fest,’ which is an annual 5-day soccer event that is held each July in Colorado Springs, CO for all of the club’s U12 boys and girls players/teams from across the country and around the world. Anyone and everyone within the U12 age group is invited to attend the event, which offers tournament matches, indescribably exciting and fun environment. Furthermore, already mentioned were all the training opportunities that exist, but we would be remiss if we did not acknowledge the fact that as a part of MI Rush our players will be eligible to gain roster spots and/or guesting opportunities with the MI Rush teams for the following events: MSYSA Director’s Academy League matches, MSYSA State Cup and Junior State Cup matches, MRL League matches, MSPSP League matches, WSSL League matches, Winter League matches, Tournament and Showcase events, and much more! Beyond that, families will have access to Rush’s CAP (College Advisory Program), where Rush staff and directors will guide players and families through all aspects of the college recruitment process (academically, athletically, and/or both) and help to bridge the gap and erase many of the unknowns and challenges that exist for players and families during their transition from youth and high school sports into the world of collegiate athletics. Additionally, families will have access to the ‘College Fit Finder’ tool, which is a market-leading software tool that will assist and support families in the college selection process. This technology helps to make a very difficult process become far more approachable and user-friendly. Michigan Rush is renowned for its ability to get players into college and is lauded for their work in assisting young people to bridge the gap between their youth career as a student-athlete to their collegiate career within the same role. DHSC is incredibly excited to offer this assistance and subsequent technology to its membership moving forward!

The relationship between DHSC and MI Rush will also help the club connect with indoor complex facility managers, in order to gain access to premier indoor training facilities, especially during peak winter times; this is something that the club has long hoped to attain. There will also be opportunity for DHSC players and teams to participate in winter futsal leagues, as well as futsal training and classes. Futsal is a growing phenomenon within the world of American soccer that is becoming a major part of cultivating the technical and tactical aspects of a youth player’s developmental foundation within the game. Furthermore, the relationship with MI Rush will benefit our coaches at all levels, as well, as coaches will be invited to join MI Rush staff in local coaching meetings that take place monthly. There are also several coaching education ‘summits’ that take place annually, where top coaches come in and conduct coaching education opportunities-both locally and abroad. In addition, coaches are welcome to join Rush Soccer’s coaching education webinars & monthly conference calls, and will have access to a tremendous amount of online resources that can assist in development of coaches and players alike.

When asked about the partnership between MI Rush and DHSC, MI Rush Technical Director Mark Zathey said: