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Dearborn Heights Soccer Club


We are seeking volunteers for the following positions (non voting position)


  • Team Managers – Risk Management

    Team Manager's help coaches by sending emails or text messages. They may print passcards, games schedules, and submit game and tournament paperwork.

  • Booster Club (e.g. coordinate events, raise money, etc.)

    A booster club/fundraiser volunteer will help find ways to raise money to support the club and manage or assist with club events. Possible ideas: candy drive, percentage donation nights at restaurants, finding sponsors, etc. If needed, will also assist with the Spirit Fest, Picnic, and picture events.

  • Field upkeep/maintenance - (Parr / Boy Scout shelter / Parkland / Warrendale / Municipal / Wallaceville)

    Field schedulers will help move equipment and repair fields as needed. Examples include moving goals to/from fields, moving tables for events, filling holes with dirt.

  • Field scheduler - (Parr / Boy Scout shelter / Parkland / Warrendale / Municipal / Wallaceville)

    Field Schedulers will be responsible for making sure all games and practices do not conflict and are properly scheduled. Is responsible for any rescheduling as necessary, and may be designated other duties related to field scheduling.

If you would like to volunteer to be part of the Rush Dearborn Heights and Dearborn Heights SC Board, please let us know!

To run for a board position (voting position), you must know…

  • Volunteer position
  • Requires a commitment for a year- term July 1st of current year through June 30th of following year
  • Elected Board Members for this club need to attend meetings and run operations efficiently and effectively
  • Meetings are once or twice a month, sometimes more leading into the Fall/Spring season

Position Descriptions are as follows:

Travel Registrar

  1. Maintain records of all registered U9 – U18 players
  2. Develop and maintain all U9 – U18 team rosters of the Club
  3. Process the registration of all U9 – U18 players in the Club
  4. Process MSYSA player releases
  5. Generate player and team official passcards for all required travel teams
  6. Submit all player refund requests to the Club Treasurer.Assist in checking Club P.O. Box for mail on a regularly scheduled basis and ensure all impacted board members receive mail pertaining to their positions in a timely manner
  7. Perform other duties as delegated by the Executive Board