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Let The Kids Play

Letting you child shine is one of the hardest things for a parent. We want them to excel, but sometimes, it's best to stand out of the way. "Win or Lose" is a great read on how to do just that. Click here to read/download the PDF.



Dearborn Heights Soccer Club is committed to helping your son or daughter gain self confidence through teaching, practice and performance during the game!


Whether its on the field, in school or at play, DHSC promotes positive interaction between your son or daughter and their peers. 


Your child will gain valuable team building skills that will last a life time. Cooperation, communication and dedication to the team unit are a focus.


The bonds of friendship and comradely aren't just promoted on the field, but as a lasting asset that your child can take through life.


The Benefits of Team Sports for Kids

Kid Kicking Soccer Ball1. Team sports help children learn how to function as part of a group reaching for a common goal. Such sports force cooperation and a reliance on one another to reach a goal. This element can then be generalized to all other aspects of a child’s life, including group projects and also someday working in a venue with others.

2. Team sports help children tolerate wins and losses with peer reference for such experiences. When children view their peers going through similar experiences, it helps them both normalize and tolerate the feelings better.

3. Team sports reinforce the physical health aspects of sport. It is also often more fun for kids to exercise in a group with some competition than independently.

4. Team sports are wonderful ways for children to put their emotions into something healthy and constructive. In fact, most children who play team sports do not use drugs or alcohol as frequently as children who do not exercise on a regular basis.

5. Finally, kids who play team sports tend to function better with both their siblings and parents at home because being a team member at home always makes things more functional.

The multi-benefits of individual sports are also plentiful but team sports bring more social benefits which are equally beneficial for a child or adolescent’s development. If you are interested in introducing the idea of a team sport to your child, let them pick the sport, not you, so they feel like it’s for them, not you and be their biggest fan. They will appreciate your support.

[Source: Dr. Keith Kanner]